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World's Speedcube Leader
GANCUBE Inc. was founded in 2014 by Mr. Jiang Ganyuan, who was the first NR holder of SpeedCubing in China. The company's bussiness spreads from research to development, design, manufacturing, marketing and promotion, all are about cubing. The company holds many patents and techniques on speedcubes.
Focus, on Speedcubes
Since we are already in a speedcubing era. As the World-Famous speedcube brand, GANCUBE, with breakthrough innovative designs, including smart cubes, Magnetic cubes, Light-Weighted, twisty puzlles, cube robots and other products. We have flagship products like GAN 356 X S, GAN 356 X, GAN 356 Air S M, GAN 356 Air Pro. With original design and powerful performance, GANCUBE is recognized as the "Apple lnc." among the Cube companies.
GAN Gurus team sponsorship and World-Class competitions sponsorship
GANCUBE built up the GAN Gurus team, the team includes 2013,2015 World-Champion Feliks Zemdegs, the 2017 Paris World-Champion Max Park, 2019 Sydney World-Champion Philipp Weyer and many other cube masters; Besides that, GANCUBE sponsored China's 10th Anniversary Championship 2017, Paris World Rubik's Cube Championship 2017, 2018 Red Bull world championship and other major competitions, GANCUBE is committed in promoting global influence of speedcube sports.
Intelligent Cube Ecology and Industrial Layout Strategy
Since 2018, GANCUBE began to develop intelligent cubes. Then we researched, developed the GAN356 i smart cube, GAN ROBOT, and the Cube Station APP, and successfully produced them in 2019, Through the deep research on the hardware and software, we built a totally new global online cubing platform. In the future, we will continue to develop more intelligent related products, to help cubers intelligently master cubing by "Intelligent" ways.